Dinah Roe

The Rossettis In Wonderland : A Victorian Family History

The exiled Italian poet Gabriele Rossetti arrived in London in 1824 with a few letters of introduction, little money and less English. But within a single generation, he would bequeath to his new city a remarkable cultural legacy through the accomplishments of his children. There was the poet and defining Pre-Raphaelite painter Dante Gabriel; the poet and religious thinker Christina, the nun and Dante Alighieri scholar Maria; and William, who combined a life of English letters and art criticism with a successful career as a civil servant.

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Haus (2011) ISBN: 9781907822018

The Pre-Raphaelites : From Rossetti to Ruskin

This is a collection of the finest poems from the revolutionary group of artists and writers who believed passionately (if sometimes naively) in the beauty of art, nature and truth. This selection includes ‘Jenny’, Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s dramatic monologue on the intersections of sexual commerce and artistic imagination; William Morris’s ‘Defence of Guenevere’, in which Arthur’s adulterous Queen tells her side of the story; ‘Goblin Market’ by Christina Rossetti, a dark fairy-tale of temptation and the redemptive power of sisterly love; as well as rarely seen works by Elizabeth Siddal, Algernon Charles Swinburne and William Allingham, among others.

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Penguin Classics (01 July 2010) ISBN: 9780141192406

Christina Rossetti’s Faithful Imagination : The Devotional Poetry and Prose

Christina Rossetti’s Faithful Imagination challenges the persistent myth that faith dulled the edge of Christina Rossetti’s creativity, arguing instead that religion sharpened her wits. It reveals how Rossetti’s literary legacy has suffered from a misunderstanding of the nature, history and sincerity of the poet’s Christianity. Despite advances made by feminist critics in the rediscovery of Rossetti, the myth of the poet’s ‘overscrupulous’ Christianity persists. The thoughtful, dynamic and religious artist who lived and produced well into her sixties is in danger of being overlooked.

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Palgrave Macmillan (31 Oct 2006) ISBN: 9780230005075

Christina Rossetti : Selected Poems

The poems selected in this volume display the extraordinary talent of Christina Rossetti, showing her to be one of the nineteenth century’s most important English poets. Here, ordinary and magical worlds collide as humans speak to God, poets speak to their muses and hope battles against despair. Devotional poems such as ‘St. Peter’ and ‘Out of the Deep’ describe Rossetti’s profound religious faith, while in ‘A Christmas Carol’ and ‘At Last’ she offers herself to God. Works such as ‘Hope in Grief’ show optimism in the face of loss, and ‘Mariana’, ‘Heart’s Chill Between’, and ‘Twice’ are among the many meditations on the bittersweet nature of love. This volume also includes ‘Goblin Market’, in which the mundane act of shopping becomes rife with fairy-tale enchantment and menace.

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Penguin Classics (2008) ISBN: 9780140424690