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Pre-Raphaelite News Roundup April-May 2012

At 180 years old this month (b. 12 May, 1828) Dante Gabriel Rossetti is still hogging the headlines. There was the previously unknown portrait of Jane Morris which recently came to light in a private collection in Scotland, but it was the strange tale of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Agent Jeffrey Meehan’s recovery of a stolen picture of Alexa Wilding during a sting in Alaska that really got my attention. In a case that involves surnames right out of a detective novel (Leboeuf, Sternback, Weshenfelder) with a storyline reminiscent of ‘Northern Exposure’ in its heydey, Rossetti’s picture was recovered alongside a haul of illegal walrus tusks.

But the US Fish and Wildlife Service is not the first to suggest a connection between Pre-Raphaelitism and the noble walrus. That honour goes to John Lucas Tupper. His 1850 essay for the Pre-Raphaelite magazine, The Germ, described the intoxicating odour of ‘camphor’ emanating from a stuffed walrus at the British Museum, which ‘permeated the whole collection’. It was ‘a literary smell’. Incredibly perhaps, he regarded this as a good thing, associating the scent of camphor with artistic integrity and imagination: ‘Now let a poem, a painting, or sculpture, smell ever so little of antiquity, and every intelligent reader will be full of delightful imaginations.’ Click HERE for the full essay.

As always, the Pre-Raphaelites trump any twenty-first century pretenders to weirdness, even tusk smugglers in Alaska.

10 April
The Telegraph: Unknown portrait of Jane Morris emerges

16 April
Financial Times: ‘Pre-Raphaelites Out To Shock At Tate’

17 April
Daily Mail Announces Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition At Tate

17 April
Evening Standard Article on Tate Pre-Raphaelite Exhibition

17 April
Evening Standard William Morris Selling Well in Japan

2 May
Oxford Times on Kelmscott Manor

4 May
Stolen Rossetti picture recovered in Alaska in Anchorage Daily News

2 May
The Paris Review: A ‘Literary Paint Chip’ for Christina Rossetti

13 April
‘The Morrisian’ compares ‘The Two Beatrices: A Companion to the New Found Rossetti’:

14 April
Christina Rossetti analysed on ‘The Art of Manliness’ Poetry Club:
16 April 2012
Financial website predicts Rossetti painting will fetch 1-1.5 million at auction

20 April
Sotheby’s Announces Auction of Works by Rossetti and Arthur Hughes

3 May
Courthouse News Service
Stolen Rossetti recovered in Alaska in raid on walrus-tusk traders


15 April
‘Stay On Top: Coping With Depression’ posts on Elizabeth Siddal

‘The Spoof’ sends up Pre-Raphaelite Tate Exhibition

24 April
‘Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood’ reviews Tim Barringer’s Reading the Pre-Raphaelites

26 April
‘The Library Time Machine’ on walled gardens in Chelsea (including Rossetti’s)

12 May
‘The Kissed Mouth’ - brilliant post on Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s birthday

3 May
Millais Painting Restored to Imperial College London

10 May 10, 2012
‘Tate’ chooses work of the week: Rossetti’s Wombat Seated in his Master’s Lap by William Bell Scott

10 May – 15 July
“From Rossetti to Voysey: Arts & Crafts Stamped Book Cover Design” opens at Blackwell

20 May
Rare Rossetti drawings at Wightwick Manor

1 June – Nov 2012
‘A Pre-Raphaelite Journey: Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale’ at Lady Lever Art Gallery

2 April – End of July
Edward Lear’s Watercolours to Appear at the Walker




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