Pre-Raphaelites in The City: Pre-Raphaelite News Round-Up

Dinah Roe

Pre-Raphaelite News Round-Up

Pre-Raphaelite News Round-up

Perhaps the proliferation of articles on the Pre-Raphaelites is an indication of the growing excitement around the 2012 Tate Britain Exhibition, but whatever the reason, it’s hard not to notice the sudden explosion of news about the Pre-Raphaelites this winter. Below is a small round-up of several items of interest. Enjoy!

If I’ve missed anything, please get in touch and let me know.

Broadsheets & Magazines

10 Feb
The Guardian’s John Mullan names Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s ‘Insomnia’ in ‘10 of the best’ list:

10 Feb
The Wall Street Journal reviews Fiona McCarthy’s Burne-Jones biography:

Various Pre-Raphaelite Books Reviewed in The NY Review of Books:

12 Feb.
The Art Newspaper considers Pre-Raphaelite associate, Francis Ashton Jackson:

15 Jan
Country Life reviews JB Bullen’s Rossetti: Painter and Poet & Dinah Roe’s The Rossettis In Wonderland

23 Jan
Alison Chapman Chooses ‘Who Has Seen the Wind’ for the Victorian Network’s Poem of the Month:

15 Jan
‘The Kissed Mouth’ celebrates Cornforth’s Rossetti Gallery:

10 Jan
‘Pre-Raphaelite Sisterhood’ considers Dante Gabriel and Lizzie Siddal’s marriage:

Conference Announcement

24 Jan
SHARP and the William Morris Society in the United States are proposing a joint panel for the Modern Language Association’s 2013 conference to be held January 2013 in Boston.

“Print and Beyond: Publishing Rossetti, Morris and the Aesthetes”

11 Feb
Highgate Cemetery commemorates the 150th anniversary of Lizzie Siddal’s death. Lecture on Lizzie Siddal by Lucinda Hawksley

11 Feb
Lecture by Dinah Roe at the Pre-Raphaelite Society – ‘Frame the Sonnet: Word and Image in Pre Raphaelite Art’


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