Pre-Raphaelites in The City: New review of The Rossettis In Wonderland

Dinah Roe

New review of The Rossettis In Wonderland

It’s a red letter day. I was thrilled to discover a positive review of The Rossettis In Wonderland from the well-read litlove at Tales from the Reading Room. I’m also delighted to have discovered a great source of future reading material. I anticipate many happy hours browsing the ‘Reading Room’ archives.


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Pre-Raphaelites in the City

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This blog explores the thriving Victorian cities which inspired the Pre-Raphaelites, and were shaped by them in turn. While the Pre-Raphaelites produced poetry and art praising the natural world, most were born and raised in urban environments, and their work retained a cosmopolitan sensibility. Although this blog will sometimes take excursions into the countryside, its focus will remain on city life. If you want more information on images or sources, please get in touch.