Pre-Raphaelites in The City: Missing: Elizabeth Siddal Memorial Watch

Dinah Roe

Missing: Elizabeth Siddal Memorial Watch Can You Help Find It?

The Antiques Roadshow have issued a call for help finding a very special object; a pocket watch designed by Dante Gabriel Rossetti as a memorial to his wife, Elizabeth Siddal. In you watch the segment at the end the show (at about 58.38) you can see his original design for this beautiful gold watch, as well as a photograph of the finished object. Sadly, it has gone missing, but Antiques Roadshow have determined to try to find it.

I had never heard of this watch myself, and was quite surprised to learn of it. I wonder if it is the one he is wearing in the series of Rossetti family photographs taken by Lewis Carroll. Has anyonoe else heard of it before? Do you have any guesses as to its possible whereabouts? The hunt is on!

This CLIP will be available to view for the next three days. The Rossetti watch appears in the final segment of the program.

Thanks very much to my brilliant web designer, David Knight, for alerting me to the programme!



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