Pre-Raphaelites in The City: Architecture

Dinah Roe

Maria Rossetti and Chelsea FC An Unlikely Connection

In searching for Maria Rossetti’s grave I learned two important lessons:

1. The Friends of Brompton Cemetery are amazingly helpful and deserve an award of some kind. But until that day comes, you can help support their work HERE.

2. When a grave of historical importance and great personal meaning is near a football ground, one should consider leaving one’s husband at home.

When I decided to make the treck to Brompton Cemetery to visit the grave of Maria Rossetti, I knew my husband (henceforth ‘the chap’) would be particularly useful. The Friends of Brompton Cemetery had kindly provided me with a map and a photograph of the Maria’s grave, but I knew from bitter experience that my navigational skills might lead me astray. Frankly, if the Friends of Brompton Cemetery had painted a line of yellow footprints from the Cemetery entrance to Maria Rossetti’s grave, I’d probably have taken a wrong turn and ended up blinking in confusion under the traffic lights on the Fulham Road.

Brompton Cemetery

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Pre-Raphaelites in the City

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